We have been developing and producing heat presses for the global market since 1989 in Germany. At the beginning the name SCHUSTER Maschinenbau represented the manufacturing of heavy hydraulic heat presses required for the then state-of-the-art toner printing.

In 1994 SCHUSTER Maschinenbau GmbH changed its name into PRESS IT Transferdrucktechnik. The advent of the sublimation print had brought about the replacement of the heavy equipment by lighter, manually or pneumatically operated heat presses. Apart from producing sublimation these presses are suitable for flock coating or the drying of directly printed materials.

Nowadays our heat press program comprises four different ranges with different models in some of them. The dimensions of the base plates range between 38 x 28 cm and 200 x 112 cm. In 2009 PRESS IT Transferdrucktechnik was changed into SCHUSTER Transferpressen GmbH.