Heat platen

The heat platen is the most important component of a heat press. The following items are of special significance for an unobjectionable fullsize print:

  1. Equal distribution of temperature
    For this purpose we use so-called micanite heating systems. The heating wires of these systems are distributed in tight intervals across the entire heating surface and thus guarantee an absolutely even distribution of temperature up to the edges of the heat platen.
  2. Equal distribution of pressure
    We use high-quality cast aluminium plates providing the utmost of a smooth surface. The plates are additionally subjected to a thermal treatment preventing distortion even after heavy use for many years.
  3. Non-stick sheet metal
    The heat platen is equipped with a non-stick sheet metal . It protects the expensive aluminium plate against damage and can easily and economically be replaced. Teflon-coated sheet metal plates are available as accessories. They possess better anti-stick features compared to the standard sheet metal plates.